Happy New Year 2010

It’s a rare opportunity to shoot fireworks from within Petronas Twin Towers, and I have chosen this very moment (New Year Eve) to do so. You may wonder why, but my answer(s) are quite simple:

  1. I have never try that before, and I wonder how it may turn out
  2. I have the privilege to access the Twin Tower, because my office is there
  3. I will soon not have the privilege to access the Twin Tower, because…you will know later :)

So I am now sitting in my office waiting for the New Year countdown, it’s a good time to do a quick study on how to capture fantastic fireworks shot. I know I definitely need a tripod. Next I gotta choose a nice spot, some place dark enough to avoid unwanted glare light from the environment, and that’s done. Last but not least are all the “recommended” camera settings, and I’m ready to go!

Happy New Year 2010 to all my readers, let’s see how my firework shots turn out tonight.

… After 2 hours shooting… and 2 hours of editing… here’s the result.

00:00:05 First Blast of 2010

00:00:10 First Blast Goes Off

00:01:24 Homing Missles Blast Off

00:01:59 Three Eyes Monster

00:02:38 Violet Rain

00:03:15 My Favourite Blast

There are more photos at here. All shots above are taken on a tripod, preset to manual focus. ISO 100, AWB and bulb mode (average 3 seconds) using aperture f/8 – f/13. Post processing using Nikon Capture NX2 and Corel Paint Shop Pro.

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5 Responses to Happy New Year 2010

  1. Cher L says:

    Happy New Year Eric!! =)

    what it means by you have no access twin tower??? ;)

  2. Jason Tay says:

    Great job.. Very proud of u. Wish u a happy new year..

  3. YY says:

    Wow nice shot!
    I missed the chance =(

  4. John Woo says:

    Great shots on top of those fireworks which are really beautifully different compared to those looking from below.

  5. Stanley says:

    Great shot bro… you the man!!!

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