…The Author

Eric is a Malaysia-born photographer with passion on portraits, landscape and general photography. His philosophy on taking pictures are not merely about arts and composition, but also the memoir of events happening around them. A photograph rendered by your camera lens, should tell a story, or a legend, or even a myth; it portray an imagination through the viewer’s eyes. There is no fix rules to photography, it is subjective to the person clicking the shutter button. In this rapidly evolving world of photography, Eric has to keep working and learning hard everyday, to seek new inspiration and creativity.

Eric likes to travel, just as he likes photography. Travel could be a short trip to downtown, could be an overseas vacation. As long as there is an opportunity for photography, there is always a spark of interest to him.

Behind the enthusiasm for photography, Eric worked as a Technology Architecture Consultant. He specializes on EAI, SOA, BPM, and constantly follows various New IT streams like DevOps, BlockChain and Design Thinking.

…The Site

This site will mainly focus on 3 elements:

  • Photography: the author would like to share his works, his thoughts and doubts in photography. Feel free to share your idea or criticism in the comment section of each post. We Share, We Learn, We Grow.
  • Travel: a journey to an unknown land; bits and pieces of a trip; dramatic events that happens along the way…
  • and Technology: from simple gadget review to software troubleshooting.