The Europe Itinerary Part 4

Day 3 scheduled back at Interlaken around evening, I might have some time to travel around the town and takes some photos before sunset. Moving on to Day 4, what I initialliy planned was a trip down to Geneva and take an evening train to Paris; arriving at Paris by night, check-in a hotel and have a good rest. However, I found out that staying a night at Paris actually cost me 60% more expensive than staying a night at Geneva (a hint for budget travellers)! Hence, I decided to stay a full day at Geneva for Day 4, then travel to Paris on Day 5 in the early morning (probably taking the earliest train).

Taking into consideration I have approximately 10 hours of “day-time” in Switzerland, let’s plan what I can do along the journey from Interlaken to Geneva. The train route I will be taking is most probably from Interlaken to Montreux (GoldenPass Line), then routed to Geneva via Lausanne (Inter-City or Inter-Regio). Below is my planned itinerary for Day 4.

The Golden Pass Line has it’s schedule published here, I reckon you to check out the schedule before planning your itinerary. From the above itinerary, we see that it take 3 hours to travel from Interlaken to the northern tip of Lake Geneva. Then we planned to stop by for lunch and a short walking tour around Montreux town. Our next destination would be Chexbres, a wine-growing village located in the district of Lavaux, Swiss. We estimated an hour walking tour around the village, photo-taking and wine tasting perhaps.

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Following Chexbres will be Lausanne, the Olympics town! As you would noticed my itinerary having Lausanne highlighted as optional stop-by (blue rows), this is because I would like to make my itinerary more flexible, allowing me to decide there and then. Then the 2 pink rows will be my alternative, if I decided not to stop by Lausanne and heading straight to Geneva. You would also noticed the orange rows, yet another alternative if I decided not to stop by Chexbres and Lausanne. The reason behind was to allow me enough time to check-in hostel at Geneva before sunset by around 1846. Also, if I reach Geneva late, I will not have enough time to tour around Geneva!

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