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The Fate of Broga

“Leave Broga Alone”! This was a message delivered to the BN government 7 years ago. Broga is a small town that straddles the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. The place was widely made known to the public, when the … Continue reading

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Season Greetings

Christmas always give me a peaceful and joyful feelings. It’s a season full of fun and laughter. Since Christmas is around the corner, I would like to share some inspiration about shooting Christmas Photography. Subject There are many subjects which … Continue reading

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Hiking @ Ulu Bendol

Located at north eastern of Seremban town, and approximately 75km from Kuala Lumpur, Ulu Bendol Recreational Forest is one of the favourite hiking spot for trekkers and nature lovers. This natural heaven also offers a lot of unique shooting subjects, especially for macro … Continue reading

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Spider’s Webs @ Tabur West

During January of each year, shooting spider’s web at Bukit Tabur is very rewarding, at least to my experience. Some articles I found through Google explains that arachnid likes to spin web when the weather is not too wet and … Continue reading

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Hiking Tabur East

It has been quite some time since my last hiking experience. We are conquering a rocky quartz hill, located north-eastern of Kuala Lumpur (At the foot of Taman Melawati). It is also the location of Klang Gate Reservoir, sit in … Continue reading

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